Moon Test

Answer these questions to find out the state of Moon in your system.

1. This world is a safe place
a) yes
b) more no than yes
c) no

2. I was treated unfairly many times in life
a) no, life has been very kind to me
b) sometimes
c) unfortunately yes

3. I love changes
a) yes
b) only if I feel I control them
c) no, I am afraid of changes

4. I remember my dreams
a) almost always
b) rarely
c) almost never

5. I am critical of myself
a) no, I always support myself
b) quite often
c) almost always

6. If someone feels frustration, I know how to console
a) yes, I always feel what a person needs at such moment
b) yes, if I know this person
c) no, I feel confused

7. My body easily digests milk
a) yes
b) so so
c) no

8. I love small children
a) a lot
b) if I know them
c) no

9. Last time I felt anxious was
a) I don’t remember
b) several days ago
c) yesterday and I think right now too

10. I say No to people if I don’t want to do what they ask me
a) easily
b) I usually have sense of guilt after I say No
c) it is very hard for me to say No

11. I let go past
a) easily
b) it takes some time
c) it is hard for me to forget especially negative experience

12. My periods are regular, not heavy and not painful
a) yes
b) not always
c) no

13. When I think about my Mother, I feel warmth and lightness in my heart
a) yes
b) I have mixed feelings
c) I feel sorry for her hard life

14. If I make a mistake, I accept it with humour
a) yes
b) no, I feel I should have tried better
c) no, I feel I am an idiot

15. I sleep very well
a) always
b) sometimes no
c) I have problems with sleep

16. I easily say what I want and what I don’t want, what I like and what I don’t like
a) always
b) to close people yes
c) it is hard

17. I cry when I want
a) yes
b) only when it’s been really too much
c) hard for me to cry

18. I trust my intuition
a) always
b) sometimes
c) rarely

19. My Mother is happy
a) yes
b) I am not sure
c) no, I am sure she is unhappy

20. I say “I am sorry”
a) almost never
b) sometimes
c) very often