Moon & Venus Practicum



Unlock a new chapter of self-discovery with our 28-day practicum focused on your Moon Cycle.

🌙 Do any of these sound familiar?

— Tired but can’t relax?
— Anxious and feeling out of control?
— Worrying about the future?
— Living in survival mode?
— Experiencing mood swings?
— Struggling to express emotions?
— Stuck in routine fuss?
— Missing out on important things due to daily chaos?
— Feeling like you’re still rehearsing life?

If you answered yes to any, you might be living in your head, disconnected from your body.

🌌 My Approach

As a woman of practice, not just theory, I invite you to reconnect with yourself and lay the foundation for your life journey. There are two planets in your birth chart:

🌙 Moon: Ensures inner stability in changing environments, the key to staying calm.

🌕 Venus: Facilitates being present, enjoying life, and curates relationships.

🚀 What to Expect:

1. Each day you will get a video that will inspire, heal and step by step unblock Moon and Venus free energy flow. (50 videos).
2. Each day you will receive powerful practices that will gently transfer you to YIN state of mind.
3. Each day you will receive lifestyle habits needed to foster Moon and Venus energy in your daily life. As the practices will keep you in the special YIN state of mind, it will be much easier to integrate new habits.
BONUS: access and daily work with Moon Calendar. Hormonal cycle as well as Moon cycle lasts for 28 days. Each day of the cycle carries different energies that immensely influence your mood. You will learn how to use Moon Calendar. This will help you understand yourself, people around and thus plan your days.
AND… not only you will find out basic ways to boost and maintain Moon and Venus energy. But also I will check YOUR MOON in your Birth Chart and send you a list of your personal needs + a list of your personal pleasures to satisfy YOUR VENUS.

The Results:

— Feel more relaxed and mentally stable
Balance your hormones
— Create your own inner peace among outer chaos
— Start feeling your body again
— Strengthen your uterus
— Allow yourself to enjoy without any sense of guilt
— Find out your personal needs and pleasures
— Learn to feel sexual arousal out of relaxation not out of tension
— Build support in yourself and stop adjusting to other people
— Align your rhythm with the rhythm of the Universe
Feel more powerful, free and courageous

This practicum is your springboard to a new life! Say farewell to stress and embrace days filled with peace and joy.

Ready for your transformation? Join Me Now!

You will have access to the practicum for 2 months, so you can pass it twice and extend it later if you desire.

Please note if you are buying this practicum as a gift, please write your recipient details in the order notes via checkout.



💬 Feedback from the participants:

Jurgita: Thank you, Eliana! It’s been a wonderful journey of getting to know and discovering my Moon and Venus. My expectations were exceeded, the practice opened up new sensations. The last practice was not so difficult, bridge is more difficult for me. In silence I was yawning a lot, tears rolled down and I wanted to close eyes. At the same time, I felt that there was no need to rush, I felt time and liked that it was slow and I was slow in it. I will wait for your other proposals. Very valuable, interesting, touching and interesting. You are like as great actress! I like your freedom and expressions!✨

Diana: Thank you, I really liked the creative presentation, visual food for thought. Practices, structure. I was very inspired to see the images from Greece. Very good practical advice, especially regarding individuality, that everyone needs moon and venus to fulfill themselves in their own way. Thank you very much for this, many insights, I remembered a lot. Thank you thank you thank you.

Stella: This 28-day cycle was pure joy and especially because we were all together, I felt very supported by this circle of feminine love. 💞🌷🌹💋Thank you for the good vibes!

Egle: Dear Eliana, I am so in love and respect for what you are doing! These 28 days made fundamental changes in my outlook of myself and world around me. Ha ha I could write an essay how much feelings, understandings I found during this time. It wasn’t so easy to meet all these hidden emotions and still a lot work is waiting to do, but magic things started to come to my daily life. Can’t wait for more practices from you to dive in deeper & deeper ❤️ Once again thank you very much for your time and energy!

Angela: Eliana, thank you for these incredible 28 days that we spent working on our Moon and Venus project. The lessons were a pure joy to open every morning, like discovering a new quest in a game. I enjoyed it so much, and now I have the moon settings printed on my wall, hahahaa! 😍

Dovilė: Thank you so much, for your energy and joy you have within. it was a pleasure to be here. Best practices, good visuals and so much inspiration to live a life which is more natural for my inner needs.

Rasa: Thanks so much for this practicum! ❤️ it was such a huge impact in my personal development. I’m very grateful for all themes that You’ve touched and all kinds of practices, either. All visuals, your voice are amazing…You are amazing! ❤️

Egle: Dear Magical, Beautiful Eliana, There are no such words that can express the state and feeling which you have created during these months Every day has been a bliss with Moon&Venus Practicum. Such a high vibration of Visual Food for Thought- thought provoking, teaching, guiding, helping, protecting and supporting. So many unfolding moments, emotions, feelings, senses were awakened during every day practices. So much information yet nothing too complicated, the messages of the day are so clear. Moon Calendar – another highlight of the Practicum. It has been so organic to implement the recommendations and suggestions for the day. I know that this mesmerizing path with Moon & Venus is still unfolding and I am more than happy to enjoy the Game and to Play. Thank you!

Simona: Thank you, Eliana. It means a lot! I went through a rough period starting in February. I tried many different things to feel better, to grow, and to free myself from my thoughts. I also tried to look after myself because I realized that I had lost the spontaneous, free, and chatty part of myself. It was very painful. During that period, your moon and Venus practice helped me. I am probably only starting to feel the effects now, or maybe I am just beginning to understand the effects of the practice, but it has had an impact on me. Your visual thought videos are something I could listen to forever. And yesterday, I left the party while I still felt high because I didn’t want to overindulge myself—that’s one of the lessons I learned during the practicum. Thank for for what you are doing it heals ❤