Child’s Astrodiagnostics



Do you want to understand your child better? Do you feel sometimes that you speak different languages? Or you want to know his/her personality better to be able to support and hold space for your child when he/she needs it?

Then this Session is for you.
NOTE. Only if your child is older than 7 but younger than 14, then this Session is for you! (if your child is younger than 7, check this option)

You will find out about your child:

– inborn talents
– creative expression
– strengths/weaknesses
– family blocks and programs your child inherited
– cognitive patterns
– emotional needs
– love language
– learning model
– communication model
– what relaxes your child
– what gives him/her energy

The process:

  1. You give me your child’s birth date, time of birth (at least within one hour interval) and place of birth.
  2. If needed I ask you questions to rectify the exact time of birth.
  3. We set the day for the analysis.
  4. On the set day I send you the analysis of your child’s Birth Chart in audio recordings (Telegram or WhatsApp).
  5. You listen to audios and generate questions that we discuss in further audio recordings.

P.S. Note that if you want to solve a health problem of your child, choose Medical Astrology Session.

P.S. If you want to have a 1.5 hour video call with me and discuss your questions, it will be extra 50€.