Astrodiagnostics + Child’s Birth Chart Overview



If you contact me for your child’s Birth chart analysis. Then my first question will be:

– Have you had your own Birth Chart analysis yet?

Because first, you need to understand yourself, not your child. Because as long as your child is small, you are projecting your own state of mind onto your child. You are still as one whole.

I created this Session right for your case! I will make an in-depth analysis of your Birth Chart (Astrodiagnostics) + I will analyze main points of your child’s Birth Chart.

You will find out:

— who you are, why you are here and where you are going
— your inborn talents
— your strengths
— your blocks that stop your progress (including your family blocks)
— partner who suits you the best
— is it easy for you fulfil your potential where you were born or it is better to live abroad?
— your cognitive patterns
— what relaxes you
— what gives you energy
— where to look for money
— which career will suit you the best
— is it better to work for yourself or for hire?
— how to find harmony with yourself and relationships with others
— your life path, the right direction for you to take in order to unlock all the treasures you’ve got within you.

Also you will find out your child’s:

– inborn talents
– creative expression
– strengths/weaknesses
– family blocks and programs your child inherited
– cognitive patterns
– emotional needs
– love language
– learning model
– communication model
– what relaxes your child
– what gives him/her energy

It is the best what can happen to you out of all self-discovery instruments. It will be the deepest dive into your true self and true self of your child which you have ever experienced. Knowing who you are and who your child is removes fear and anxiety about your future.

The process:


  1. 1.You give me your date/TIME/place of birth and your question.
  2. You also ou give me your child’s birth date, TIME of birth and place of birth.
  3. I ask you questions to rectify time of birth if needed.
  4. I ask you 9 questions to understand where you are now and how well you know yourself.
  5. We set the day for the analysis.


  1. On the set day I send you the analysis of your Birth Chart and main points of your child’s Birth Chart in audio recordings (Telegram or WhatsApp).
  2. You listen to the audios, take notes and generate questions on topics into which you want to look deeper. You will have about 4 days to listen and send me questions.


  1. On the set day we make a 2 hour video call during which I answer all your questions and we find the best solutions together with you.


  1. In two weeks I send you a document with a full list of practical steps you should take to activate and harmonize your life program and what to do to meet your child’s needs and help your child develop in a harmonious way.
  2. If you have further questions, you can ask them within ONE WEEK.