Karmic relationship

karmic relationship

You have a tendency to fall into karmic relationship if your Venus is connected with Ketu in your BIRTH CHART.

Venus is the planet of relationship and Ketu is Lunar North Node that shows us our karma (the experience we bring here from our previous incarnations).

Let’s not go into details here about past lives. Opinions may vary, but almost all of you will agree that THERE WAS something before this life.

Karma means “actions” but again as in everything in this world it is all about emotions. In our past life you did something to someone, that evoked very strong emotions in you that you didn’t manage to process till the end of life.

Usually it is GUILT (guilt is the most dufficult emotion that is the reason of most hardships in our life).

So, when Venus is together with Ketu in your BIRTH CHART, it means that you arrived here with somewhat unfinished experience ( which provoked certain emotions) in past relations.

Even without astrology you can tell the signs of if you are in a karmic relationship right now.

  1. One of the main signs of karmic relationship is that feeling “it felt like I always knew him/her”. This is typical. The moment you see that person you “recognize” him/her and the karmic program winds up immediately.
  2. Another sign can be a very fast development of relationship as if some unknown force is pushing you forward.
  3. Also, extreme situations, like a catastrophe or accident where you meet each other.
  4. Another sign is that there are too many emotions. Too strong emotions have more to do with sufferings, not love ( so either you love to suffer or you are in karmic relations). Love is usually not that emotional, it is peaceful, joyful and very inspiring! It is not tiresome, exhausting and tragic.

This is not love! I know that we all have been taught since early days that this is true love. But noooooooo. This is not love at all. Let it gooooooo!!!!
(Now you will also know how to recognize love😜)

  • Another sign is that you cannot be together but you cannot be separately, too. You understand that this is not your person but you cannot quit (again may be a just sign of your addiction to suffering).
  • Abuse. The classic role play is the tyrant and the victim. Usually, it is all way round than in previous life, where a tyrant now was a victim then and vice versa.
  • A woman cannot get pregnant. And in most cases, she gets pregnant easily with another man.

Actually, there are two types of relationship: one type is that your partner is just the reflection of you ( so no need to think your partner is karmic if you keep “torturing” each other all the time) and another type is karmic relationship.
Karmic partners cannot bring each other happiness, because karma has nothing to do with abundance, happiness, love and joy.

More precisely, karmic relationship in astrology is calculated through synastry when we analyze the planets of one person’s Birth Chart in connection with the planets of another.

You can order your and your man’s/woman’s synastry analysis. DM me😘
We will see what is the real situation between two of youπŸ˜‰πŸ’œ

Comment if you think you are now or you have ever been in Karmic relationship!

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