Emotional meaning of legs

If hands is action, legs is movement.

Our life’s engine to move forward (future). So, any problems with legs show that we have fear of changes, fear to move forward, to step out of comfort zone.

  • Twist means that you go somewhere you don’t want to go. Remember also from my post about joints: joints our capability to adapt. So, if you twist your leg, first, ask yourself, if you accept changes in your life. Or, maybe, you step into changes without inner agreement.
  • Bruises mean guilt. You feel guilty before yourself or others and subconsciously want to hurt yourself. I will write more about emotional meaning of traumas soon.
  • Varicose is lack of joy in life, because blood means joy and if it cannot flow freely through your veins, it means you are not letting joy into your life.
  • Hips are also joints. Plus, hips is a very special place, kinda storage of all your offenses ( when you felt offended). Hips also store your inner child’s desires. Do you let them out? Anyways, hips need a separate post, it is a super interesting spot in our body.
  • Constantly cold legs is fear to let love into your life, that will warm you up.
  • Problems with feet mean that you don’t feel standing firmly on your feet. On the ground. On the mother earth ➡ relations with mother. Talking about Astropsychology, feet mean the 12th house in your Birth Chart. The house of spirituality, the house of everything that is beyond human comprehension. No wonder, monk’s feet have always been an indicator of how devoted a monk is. Check your feet to see how well you take care of your spiritual side.

There is much more to say, I can’t squeeze everything into one post.
Read this and see if you find your problem, or problem of your family member here. Then ask a question! Create a question to connect to the reason of the problem.

Asking a question is the first step towards the answer. To tell the truth, any correctly asked question has an answer in it.

Comment your question here or a problem with legs that I haven’t mentioned in the post and we will see.

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