Saturn and Leisure

I am sure this post will help you realize why you are still where you are and not where you want to be. Or why you are moving so slowly.

The integration of discipline (Saturn) into your life directly depends of how you spend your free time. As the amount of work I do now has increased a lot, what is the first thing I change in my life?

Right! Leisure time!

And it is not that I reduce the time of enjoyment and fun. No no!
What I do is revise its quality once again. This time I decided to return to a screenfree day once a week and switch off my phone even earlier in the evening.

Then at the beginning of each week I make a plan of high quality rest and leisure.

But what is low quality leisure?

It is when you sit in your phone, when you watch tv shows, when you chat with friends about who did what and when (low vibe people speak about other people, average vibe people speak about events and high vibe people speak about ideas), and etc.

And what is high quality leisure?

Generally speaking, it is when you do opposite than your work. For example, if at work you sit a lot at the computer, then your leisure should be active, like dancing or hiking, and, of course, without a computer. And vice versa, if at work you dig holes for graves, then passive rest with a glass of wine in front of a black humor comedy is recommended.

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