The Sun in your Birth Chart

What is the Sun in your Astro Chart, what does its position mean? For you, for your personality and your life journey. I will tell you how to know the power of your Sun without knowing your Birth Chart.
Some astrologers, especially of the classical school, say that the Sun has more negative influence on our personality, as it is our EGO and EGO is egocentric, selfish, and arrogant.

I think it is very positive. Because ego is like the core. Without ego we are not animated, we are like spineless sluggish creatures. Ego is essential in achieving success in this life. And the bigger the ego the higher the achievement. To the certain point, of course, the same as with all other things.

The Sun is your ego, your essence and self-identification. In the Birth Chart the Sun defines your biological father. Thus, it is your father from whom you get self-worth, optimism and confidence.

He is the one who teaches you to overcome obstacles, to achieve, to get what you want, and WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT, to do it playfully. “Life is a game”, – father says. Of course, mostly we learn from his example, from how much he himself is confident, playful and optimistic.

The Sun is self-confidence and I am sure that self-confidence is this magic dust without which nothing will work, no matter how much you try.

I love the functions of the Sun! It shows if we can accept and love ourselves unconditionally, it shows how brave we are to show our authenticity, to stand out from the crowd!

It is always about courage to say NO. Yes, it is funny, but this is how I usually tell if a person has a strong Sun in their Birth Chart or not: if it is strong, a person smiles a lot in life (shines like a Sun) and says lots of NO :))))

Also, people with activated Sun will not say: ” I don’t know what I want, I will order the same dish as you”. Noooo :)))) On the contrary, strong, active Sun will push you to make our own choices, to speak up your own desires.

In Vedic astrology the Sun switches on when we are three years old. Till then we are one whole with our Mom ( Moon ). This explains why many fathers are not in full emotional contact with their kids before kids turn three.

But full activation of the Sun starts only when we turn approx 35-36 years old.

And you? Do you think your Sun is strong!?

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